I’m Still Here.Sunday

I know, I know…it’s been way to long since my last post. I actually considered abandoning my poor little blog until I seen that people actually still read it. I can always write in a diary but I choose to “type” instead because I view it as a release to all the things I want to say, but can’t. I also love that it not only helps me but others as well. Since this is “my come back” lol…I want to use it as an opportunity to change the direction of my blog. I want to start focusing on real things/ real passions of mine. I want to actually dialog with my readers and get/ give feedback, so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment.
Anywho…a lot has been going on in my life and a lot has changed since my last post. I’m eager to share my new everything…and I hope you all come along the ride with me.
Until tomorrow,

Wednesday..Who doesn’t have clothing line???

So, I’m doing my daily web surfing and I come across 6126 (clothing line) as I go to the website I come to find out it’s by lindsay lohan…LINDSAY LOHAN??? Where have I been? I’m usually the first one to know about the new clothing lines but this one shocked me.  Any who…we all know her hands have nothing to do with the creative process, but just her face for promotional purposes. It’s still intriguing to me how many celebrities have clothing labels and how many actually design which is a big difference.

Here are a few…

6126 Lindsay Lohan http://6126bylindsaylohan.com/shop/

Her fall collection seems to be inspired by a quote from Marilyn Monroe, and has majority dark pieces and a few prints.  I would see Rihanna and Heidi Klum in some of these pieces.

Fav Piece from the Collection:

Morrini $150.00

Kardashians by Bebe www.bebe.com

Fall collection consist of a host of fall trends such as: leopard print, leather, and cage.  Personally I wouldn’t wear most of the pieces but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be this…

Tassel & Chain Pouch Bag (price n/a)

Winter Kate (Nicole Richie) www.bloomingdales.com

Nicole Richie was another surprise to me and her line is actually pretty nice.  Richie’s fall line is inspired by timeless shapes and prints (vintage looks). It includes light/ airy draped fabrics with various prints and ranges from silk maxi dress to fitted leather jackets. 

Fav Piece from Collection:

“Jasmine” Silk Peacock Print Cardigan $285.00

Kate Moss for Tophsop www.topshop.com

I’ve mentioned Kate Moss Top Shop line here before and honestly…if Kate Moss had an actual hand in the creative process her clothes would be much more interesting, being the fashionista she is.  Anywho, her Fall line consist of limited edition dresses (more for evening) with much sheerness and embellishment. 

Fav Piece from Collection

Cutout Maxi Dress $250.00

Olsenboye for JCPenny by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen www.jcpenny.com

“London Rocks” is the inspiration for their Fall junior line for JCPenny.  Being that I’m a fan of JCP clothes (don’t tell:), I actually like the very affordable line but would categorize it for the ages of 11-15. 

Fav Piece From Collection:

Olsenboye Stud Pocket Tee on sale for 11.99 (tres chic…can be worn with faux fur vest, high waist skirts, full length evening skirts, denim jackets, etc.)
….and the list goes on and on

Monday. Gone for a min….

Hey all…First I want to apologize for my mini hiatus (i.e summer break).  Being that I was unaware that people still read my blog, my plans were to shut it down but I’m glad to see you all still have an interest in it so I guess it’s back on.

I’ve been up to loads of “not so new” things that consist of the same old school, same old working and same old fashion.  So far I’ve been invited to about 4 shows since the last time we spoke but I declined all except for Fashion in Detroit.  It’s October 22 and I’m featuring in the student show again so that’s exciting news!!!!  This year it should be getting a lot more press so hopefully my humble “student” name will become more known, and maybe even a job offer or two.  If you’re going to be in Detroit around that time you should check it out http://www.fashionindetroit.com.

Any who, I know I mentioned before that I wanted to start displaying more of my own personal style and more of my fashion designs so I guess I’ll be starting that soon as well.

So guys, again I want to thank you for being patient with me and still sticking to reading my blog.  Talk to you soon….


Good Friday…


Laid Behind a Stone.



Like a rose,

TRAMPLED on the ground.


…and thought of me


….and thought of me!


Sometimes we forget what Jesus has done for us, here’s a reminder…



Monday.Want of the Week




Other EXCITING NEWS, I won a contest for Burda Style!!!!  Thank You Jesus!!!

It was for my MGM Grand Valentine Dress I made last year :)

Check it out here:


-jamie (i.e my dress is #5)

Saturday. Ahoy Boys S/S 2010

Hey Gals

I’m happy to introduce my S/S 2010 Collection “Ahoy Boys”.

(click on pictures to make larger)